Aliza Licht is a twenty-year fashion industry veteran and the author of the best-selling book LEAVE YOUR MARK. Inspired by her award-winning role as the creator and former voice of the former social media personality, DKNY PR GIRL®, Licht has been widely credited as a social media pioneer in the fashion industry. From 2009-2016 she built a dynamic and multi-platform social media community of over 1.5 million followers for DKNY.  Her ability to speak to a new audience with a digital mindset captivated customers and followers worldwide.

In her talks, Aliza gives a particular emphasis on communicating and building your brand in social media, where personal and professional lines are blurred, and a strong sense of self is a requirement. Taking the audience through the story of how DKNY PR GIRL® came to be and how the profile rapidly grew, Licht shares tips for authentically engaging online, being socially savvy, and managing a social media crisis. She then talks about the importance of being your own publicist, building and maintaining your reputation, how to be a great networker, tips for improving your presentation skills, and how to be a likeable leader.

Told with compassion and encouragement to the audience wherever they are in their professional journey, a healthy dose of celebrity gossip, insider knowledge, and a fantastic sense of humor, Aliza Licht is an inspiring speaker for people at any level.